What we can do for you

Once you take the first step of contacting an architectural consultant, we can arrange a suitable time to meet at your property, discuss your project and provide a quote tailored to suit your needs.

We offer design ideas and advice as to which permissions you might need and the costs involved. Once we have a basis for a scheme we begin a drawing package to create your dream home.


Architectural Drawings Ltd offer a comprehensive service from design development through to on site supervision and project management.

Whatever your required level of involvement we can tailor a package to suit your needs. Planning your project can be a difficult and confusing process there are numerous factors involved in the decision making process from the spaces to be created to respect for the original building and its surroundings, complying with your local Planning Authority guidelines and meeting Building Regulations, and of course the age old battle to stay within your budget.

From our initial meeting we offer advice and design ideas to create your visions. Throughout the design process we provide practical advice along side a working knowledge of the regulatory bodies in order to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible. When it comes to getting out of the ground we can offer access to a wealth of specialist organisations and tradesmen.

We have a proven track record of working with engineers and other members of the construction team in order to ensure a comprehensive result. We offer a package to suit your needs, whether it’s a design and submission to the local authorities, Building Control submissions, a tender package for your builders or a full service of project management and on site supervision.

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House design
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Our working methods don’t tend to vary depending on the project, but the level of involvement you require from us does. All quotations are discussed at our initial meeting and tailored to suit your needs. If you decide you’d like to have more or less involvement from us we can always amend our package to accommodate you.

Initial meeting

Initial meetings with new clients are usually held on site. Your requirements and needs are discussed, at this stage we can offer design ideas, guidance on local authority regulations. It is useful at this stage to have an idea of your budget as this may have a bearing on the size and type of the direction your project needs to adopt in order to have it realised.

The initial meeting will enable us to provide a full written quotation prior to starting any work on your behalf.

Concept and design work

Subject to acceptance of our quotation we will undertake a full measured survey of your property, depending on the type of project we may be able to undertake this ourselves or we can advise on specialists to undertake topographical or structural surveys if necessary.

The first draft design is our understanding of the project. At this stage we like to work with our clients to tweak and redraft our initial schemes into the project that you really want.

Planning Permission

We normally submit planning permissions on-line on your behalf. Your local Authority has a statutory 8 weeks to deal with most types of applications.

The type and scale of your project may require a pre application meeting or discussions with the Planning authority. Some projects will require additional reports and information depending on the individual project, these might be required at the submission stage or may be conditioned as part of a planning approval notice. If specialist survey companies are required we can facilitate access to wealth of industry professionals.

Building Control

Once a Planning Approval has been achieved for your project a Building Control Application will usually be required. There are exemptions for certain types of buildings and small extensions.

The Building Control submission involves preparing a full specification of the works from the foundations upwards. Where the Planning office was interested in the size and scale of a project Building Control are there to ensure the building works are safe and robust.

The drawings that we prepare for at this stage can also be used as tender documents with contractors as they will contain all the necessary information for pricing. At this stage we will be required to include structural information, so if a Structural Engineer is required we can liaise with them to achieve the best solutions on site.

Tender Process

We recommend that at least three contractors are asked to provide a quotation for your project, this ensures that good selection of quotes.

Always take the time to view work done by your contractors, at least two schemes to be sure that the skills and quality are upto your standards.

If you have asked us to represent you in this process we would normally provide the following;

A package of contract documents.
A letter to each contractor explaining the works and giving a deadline for return of tenders.
Formal letter of acceptance to a contractor.
If you have decided to use our contract administration services we will also advise as to an appropriate contract type to use.

If a project comes back over budget we can sit down with your preferred contractor and look at ways to reduce the final cost.

Contract administration

Once the scheme is agreed, the prices are right, the contractor is chosen then a contract can be signed between all parties.

In brief our role as contract administrator will include the following;

  • Provision of a suitable contract for you project size and type.
  • Pre contract meeting to agree the general procedures for the contract period.
  • Production of meeting minutes throughout the project as a record of changes, additions and omissions and general progression.
  • Provision of additional information such as room content information, Local Authority requests etc.
  • Liaison between design team parties such as Engineers, Local Authority bodies and any other specialist required.
    Overseeing of the contract budget including payments to contractors, retention money and any extra’s that may occur while works are ongoing. Including interim payment schedules.
  • Final accounts at practical completion stage.
  • Production of a ‘user manual’ for your new property. Typically this includes things such as manuals, maintenance booklets etc for items installed under the contract.
    A six months defects snagging survey prior to releasing of final retention money to the contractor. Normally 5% of the interim payments are retained by yourselves. Half of this is released at practical completion with the rest being held until any defects have been rectified at the 6 month defect liability period.

Once the contract has been completed we are always keen to hear from you if there are any issues with your project. It is always worth knowing that under UK law a Latent Defects policy is enforced. This means that the contractor is still responsible for your project for 5 years and 11 months after the defects liability period. Claims under this rule must be due to poor workmanship or negligence on the part of the contractor.